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Our Focus

Arega Medical has a balanced portfolio of repurposed drugs for neurological, cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal diseases in late-stage development.

The portfolio has been developed through partnerships with academic institutions which identified repurposed medicine candidates.

We have a portfolio of 5 treatments for 6 untreatable diseases and diseases with high unmet medical need.

Our lead compound addresses Cognitive Impairment caused by several diseases. The main indications are MCI due to stroke (PSCI), an early stage of post-stroke dementia, for which no treatments exists and hardly any research efforts occur and MCI due to Alzheimer’s disease, an early stage of Alzheimer’s dementia for which no treatments currently exist .

Our pipeline consists of 3 precision medicine projects from the network pharmacology concept. The most advanced pipeline project is a triple combination therapy to decrease post-stroke-disability for patients with ischemic stroke, again a chronic disease with high burden to society and no treatment options. Two other pipeline projects address highly prevalent, untreatable cardiovascular diseases.