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Our Mission

Arega Medical, which started its activities in 2021, is the leading R&D healthcare company that focusses on identification, development and commercialization of repurposed drugs for untreatable diseases. We have a diversified clinical late-stage R&D portfolio of repurposed drugs in high unmet need diseases.

We aim to address the society need for sustainable healthcare as well as patient’s needs for effective, safe and affordable therapies.
We have the conviction and the vision to disrupt the pharmaceutical market.

Drug repurposing and precision medicine are the answer to the continuous and increasing pressure on healthcare budgets which has become one of the top priorities in healthcare globally.

Repurposed drugs offer a more efficient and cost-effective development path. We believe that the savings this brings to society, should be fed into the healthcare system. Our promise is socially responsible pricing to support sustainable healthcare.

Precision medicine by network pharmacology is a revolution in medicine. Big data allows mapping of underlying disease mechanisms and design targeted drug combinations, treating the underlying disease processes in stead of merely providing symptom relief. By combining drugs with companion diagnostics , we will be able to offer precision treatments to patients suffering from untreatable complex diseases.

We are all about:

Repurposed drugs protected by new IP

Patients with untreatable diseases

Precision medicine through network pharmacology

Affordability principles in pricing of our products

Arega Medical is the leading European R&D healthcare company focused on repurposed medicine. We aim to address the society need for sustainable healthcare as well as the patient need for effective, tolerable and affordable therapies.
Sustainability is the core of our business model.