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ESG values are at the core of our business model

We are fully focused on repurposed drugs and precision medicine. These offer a more efficient and cost-effective approach in drug development, shortening the time to market and reducing development costs.

We develop repurposed drugs for untreatable diseases and /or diseases with high unmet need, such as Alzheimer’s dementia, ischemic stroke, Chronic heart failure (HFpEF), resistant hypertension, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). All diseases which affect and impact millions of patients and are a concerning burden to society.

Socially responsible pricing is one of our key promises in order to contribute to sustainable health care.

To us fair pricing means socially responsible,  aiming for affordability for all people who need our treatments.

Improving the availability of medicines authorized in the European Union (EU) is a key priority for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European medicines regulatory network. Shortages or other problems with the availability of medicines create challenges for the medicine supply chain, with a potentially serious impact on human and animal health. Arega aims to create manufacturing and development capacity in Europe for worldwide supply of our repurposed drug portfolio.

Our six values are the foundation of our company. They not only represent our Arega identity, but also determine the way in which we work together. Our values are central to our corporate culture and determine how we wish to profile ourselves externally, how we want to deal with our customers, our suppliers, and our business partners. Diversity is what we aim for in the company; diversity in gender, in age, in cultural background. As to us, everyone counts.

We are committed to act conform legislation and regulations, apply the highest ethical standards and deontology, and always act truthfully and scientifically rigorous. We act fairly, correctly, and respectfully in all our endeavors and in full transparency with our internal and external relationships.